Project Opportunities: Requests for Proposals and Expressions of Interest

Through a Cooperative Agreement with the National Park Service, we occasionally have need to seek experienced professionals to complete historic preservation research and other projects.  Please see below for any open Requests for Proposals, or Expressions of Interest.

Request for Proposals - Support the Development of a Reconnaissance Survey for the George C. Marshall House

Deadline: July 16, 2021: The National Park Service (NPS) is seeking the services of a qualified historian through a cooperative agreement with the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers to support the development of a Reconnaissance Survey of the George C. Marshall House. The selected historian will investigate the Suitability of the site for inclusion as an affiliate unit to the National Park Service.  The RFP can be downloaded below.

Interested consultants should submit a proposal and cost estimate in response to this RFP no later than 5:00 p.m. EST on July 16, 2021.



Questions submitted and answers (Posted as received and answered):

  1. Can you tell us the approximate page length the Reconnaissance Survey is expected to be?  The approximate page length for the final survey will be 25-30 pages, excluding appendices and references. The suitability component that the contracted historian will be tasked with drafting, will make up approximately 3-5 pages of the Recon Survey. NPS staff will lead drafting all other components of the survey and the historian will be expected to review and provide comment on the draft and final versions of the survey. The Garfield Memorial Affiliated Area Reconnaissance Survey is a publicly available example of a recon survey for an affiliate unit to the NPS.
  2. Will the consultant be expected to participate in meetings/conference calls on the draft and final Reconnaissance Surveys to review our comments? If so, are these included in the 10 monthly calls identified in no. 2 of the “Deliverables and Outcomes” section of the RFP or are they separate? We will use existing monthly meetings to review comments on the draft and final report. They are included within the 10 hours.
  3. Will the kick-off meeting be held in person or via conference call?  The meeting will be held virtually or via conference-call.