Project Opportunities: Requests for Proposals and Expressions of Interest

Through a Cooperative Agreement with the National Park Service, we occasionally have need to seek experienced professionals to complete historic preservation research and other projects.  Please see below for any open Requests for Proposals, or Expressions of Interest.

Request for Proposals - Traditional Cultural Places (TCP) Bulletin Reissuance

Deadline: July 8, 2022:

The National Park Service (NPS) seeks the services of a cultural resource consultant through a cooperative agreement with the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers to support the National Park Service/National Register of Historic Places Program in the revision and reissuance of guidelines for identifying, evaluating, and nominating traditional cultural places to the National Register.

The RFP can be downloaded below.

Interested consultants should submit a proposal and cost estimate in response to this RFP no later than 5:00 p.m. EST on July 8, 2022.

RFP TCP Bulletin (.pdf)

Questions submitted and answers (Posted as received and answered):

  • Approximately how many participants does NPS anticipate will attend the zoom webinars? Are more than 1,000 participants anticipated for any of the individual zoom webinars included in the Scope of Work?  NPS anticipates 100 to 300 attendees per webinar.
  • How does NPS anticipate advertising zoom webinars and the opportunity to provide written comments with Native American Tribal governments and stakeholders? Who is expected to coordinate and implement advertising, notices, etc.? NPS will coordinate and implement noticing. Webinars will be noticed by NPS via the National Register of Historic Places Weekly List (distributed every Friday morning); posted on the National Register website; and posted on the NPS Planning, Environment and Public Comment (PEPC) webpage created by NPS for this project.
  • What is NPS’s anticipated timeline for this Scope of Work (i.e., start date/timeframe, publication distribution date/timeframe)? NPS’s timeline from notice to proceed is 16 months.
  • How many letters does NPS anticipate receiving and how many comments per letter are anticipated? NPS anticipates receiving in excess of 1,000 letters with 3-5 comments per letter.
  • What is NCSHPOs role in this project?  NCSHPO is the funding recipient and its primary role is to secure the contractors necessary to fulfill the scope of work in partnership with the National Park Service.
  • Regarding the producer role for government-to-government and stakeholder zoom meetings, does NPS anticipate that this role would include both a technical component (i.e., running the zoom meeting platform), as well as meeting facilitation? NPS requires a consultant to provide tech support for the government-to-government and stakeholder zoom meetings. NPS staff will serve as meeting facilitator.
  • Will consultation extend to insular areas of the U.S.? Our intention is to include every US State, Territory and the District of Columbia in the process.
  • The RFP specifies that the Principal Investigator must meet the qualification for a GS-0170-13 Historian. The educational requirements for a GS-0170-13 Historian require a degree in history or a “closely related field.”  Which “closely related fields” will be considered for acceptable for the Principal Investigator’s degree? Specifically, would a degree in Architectural History, Art History, Historic Preservation, and/or Anthropology be considered “closely related” to history? The Principal Investigator must meet the qualification for a GS-0170-13 Historian which educational requirement is a degree in history or a “closely related field.”  Closely related fields include Archeology, Anthropology, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Architectural History, and/or Historic Preservation.
  • Must the Principal Investigator work for the prime contractor? The Principal Investigator must either be an employee or or have a contractual relationship with the prime contractor.  The contract will be between NCSHPO and the prime contractor.  The prime contractor will be responsible for fulfilling the terms of the contract including the performance of the Principal Investigator.
  • Does the NPS have an estimate of how long each of the government-to-government and stakeholders webinars will be? We anticipate each webinar will be 90 minutes.