May is Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month

At History Colorado, the upcoming May Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month’s (AHPM) theme is “Building Communities: Celebrating 20 Years of the State Historical Fund.” Events and activities will focus on how History Colorado’s historic preservation grants program has strengthened our communities by honoring the past to create a new future. Communities from around the state will celebrate archaeology, historic preservation, and the State Historical Fund both in their own towns as well as with History Colorado when they host their two-day heritage extravaganza from May 18 to 19 at the History Colorado Center in Denver to share food, traditions, archaeological finds, treasured historic places, and much more.

As a part of AHPM, History Colorado is proud to partner with CINEMA (Colorado Innovators of New Entertainment Media & Arts) for their Student Film Competition. This year, film students in Colorado will submit films about Colorado’s historic and archaeological places to honor our built heritage statewide. For inspiration for film projects, check out Havey Production’s video of last year’s Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month activities at

For more information about how to get involved with AHPM or CINEMA’s film competition, visit